When you go to select a location for your franchise business, you will learn one eternal truth about business: Landlords are tough to deal with.

We, at the Franchise Law Source, represent franchise buyers in the negotiation and signing of lease agreements. Often we provide assistance of even greater value in lease analysis and negotiation than we do in review of the franchise documents themselves. This is because landlords just want as much of your money as they can get. Franchisors, on the other hand, are entering into a community of interest with their franchisee, and your franchisor needs you to be profitable. The landlord just needs you to pay the rent.

As a result, lease agreements are lopsided in favor of landlords and are, in many ways, unfair to tenants.

Call on us at the Franchise Law Source to assist you in getting your lease right.

Use a Request for Proposals
We recommend that our clients submit a Request for Proposals to prospective landlords with a detailed set of property specifications and even a list of acceptable or required lease terms and conditions. Large business enterprises use Requests for Proposals as a way of exercising their market power when they deal with vendors. They announce the minimum acceptable proposal that a vendor can offer. Although you may not have considerable market power in a negotiation with a landlord, using the Request for Proposal can give you the upper hand in early negotiations.

We prepare Requests for Proposals to submit to landlords which anticipate the unique needs of franchisee tenants and announce to the landlord at the outset of negotiations some of the things that are unacceptable.

Let Us Negotiate Your Lease
We review leases proposed by landlords and negotiate extensive changes on behalf of our client. Some of the onerous terms that landlords put in leases address arcane issues hard for the layman to understand or even identify. Don’t sign a lease without guidance from an experienced attorney.

We have been involved in hundreds of commercial lease transactions and can assist you in securing a lease that meets the unique needs of your franchise business.

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