Looking into buying a franchise business?

If you are investigating buying a franchise, you need professional help. Buying a franchise business is not like buying or starting an independent small business. The commitments are different, the risks are different and the opportunities are different.

At the Franchise Law Source, we help clients buying into a franchise answer the biggest questions they face in making a sound investment decision.

Answering these questions carefully can make your franchise purchase a success. Ignoring them can lead to disaster when buying a franchise.

An aspiring franchisee must have an independent advisor. Remember that everyone that you deal with in the process of investigating and buying a franchise has interests that are adverse to yours. The franchise broker only gets paid if you buy. The franchisor wants another store open – even if the location isn’t great or the franchisee is thinly capitalized or poorly qualified. The real estate broker’s commission is conditioned on your signing a lease. The landlord only wants the space filled regardless of whether the location is right for your business or the rent is more than you can afford.

At the Franchise Law Source we provide independent counsel on every aspect of your franchise investigation and purchase based on our experience in hundreds of transactions over the years. Contact us to guide you through the process of capturing the American dream of business ownership. Don’t buy a franchise business without an advisor who knows the franchise industry.

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