At Kern & Hillman, LLC we provide a full array of solutions you need to franchise your business. Clients often come to us with a successful local business of five or fewer company outlets and a dream of expanding distribution broadly using other people’s capital through franchising. They ask “Can I franchise my business?”

The Franchise Law Source has solutions. Transforming a business into a franchise system is a complex process:

  • Starting a franchise company means that a FRANCHISE AGREEMENT must be drafted that allows the company to control quality and image while allowing the franchisees to profit and flourish.
  • State and Federal franchise laws require that a FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT be prepared to disclose a vast amount of information about the investment to prospective franchisees, before you can franchise your business.
  • Many states require that franchise companies comply with FRANCHISE REGISTRATION LAWS.
  • The FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) FRANCHISE RULE and many state laws regulate starting a franchise business, and salespeople and brokers have to be carefully trained to insure compliance.
  • An emerging franchisor must incorporate all of its know-how and methods into an OPERATING SYSTEM and MARKETING PLAN and create a TRAINING PROGRAM that can make franchisees experts in the business in a short training academy. A big part of the answer to “Can I franchise my business?” is determined by how thoroughly you can systematize everything that goes on in the business.

Finally, it is essential that the company secure adequate FINANCING to cover the cost of developing all of these programs and materials and the working capital necessary to market and sell franchises and launch the early franchisees in their businesses. You cannot franchise your business without adequate capital. However we can help clients find ways to raise money and to reduce the capital needed in starting a franchise business.

Kern & Hillman, LLC provides solutions to emerging franchisors’ needs -- we are your Franchise Law Source.

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