Almost invariably, when we ask a franchise buyer about selecting a site for his or her business, the client answers, “Oh, the franchisor takes care of that.” Sometimes they say that the franchisor has hired a real estate broker to handle site selection. If that’s what you are thinking, STOP. There is no bigger risk in opening a new franchise than allowing someone else to select your location.

Location, Location, Location
In retail business, location is a critical determinant of success. You must rely on sound data and your own best judgment to select a site that will allow your business to succeed. No one cares more about the quality of your site than you do. Remember, the rent for the next ten or fifteen years is your money, not the franchisor’s and not the broker’s. Your franchisor wants to open a new site. Good franchisors are careful to open only good sites, but franchise sales people and franchise brokers want, first of all, the commission on the sale. Likewise, real estate brokers are not as picky about the long term success of your site selection decision as you are.

It’s your money. Make site selection your decision.

How We Help Franchise Buyers with Site Selection
We provide advice to our clients about site selection methods generally. We are not experts in the particular industry in which you are buying a franchise. We can, however, counsel you about how franchise site selection criteria are formed. We will assist you in the process of defining or discovering a set of criteria that you can use to select a good site for your business. Sometimes those criteria are available from industry sources. Other times, you need to compile data about successful and unsuccessful businesses and determine what aspects of their location are favorable or unfavorable. We assist clients in understanding what data they need, how to collect it and how to use it.

When it comes time to choosing a property for your franchise, contact us.

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