With the broad view of franchise business consultants, not a narrow focus on legal matters only, we provide advice for your whole business.

Established franchise systems, whether young and growing, or mature and broadly developed, face difficult problems. Every system – no matter how successful – has struggling units. Some franchisees inevitably come into conflict with the franchisor. Others just have a hard time complying with system standards.

Systems, programs and standardized methods are the very essence of franchising. Without systemization, a retail concept cannot be duplicated over and over. Without them, inexperienced new franchisees cannot be quickly trained to be experts in your business. And yet, franchisors often fail to adopt policies and institute programs that systematically attack their fundamental problems. As franchise business consultants, we can take a fresh look at problems and at possible solutions.

Franchisors are geniuses at systematizing their basic operations, growth and development processes. Ironically, they often need help systematizing their management of risk and problem solving. A franchise organization is by definition widely dispersed, and ad hoc problem solving just doesn’t work. A franchisor would never allow menu changes or modifications of its trademark or trade dress to satisfy individual franchisees. Surprisingly, many franchisors try to solve problems in franchisee relations without a system or overall strategy to guide the process – without the very sort of uniformity that makes their sales thrive.

At the Franchise Law Source we help franchisors develop and implement programs, policies and systems to answer some of their most important questions:

We look at more than just contract clauses and regulatory compliance, but franchise companies are built on legal rights and remedies. Franchise business consulting information of great value is to be found in the interface between day-to-day business processes and the complex legal relationship between franchisor and franchisee. Let us help you as your franchise business consultant and your franchise counsel.

Of course, franchisors also experience problems of internal administration, and at the Franchise Law Source we offer services that can solve those problems as well. Franchisors can Outsource The Drafting of Franchise Agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents from the Franchise Law Source. You can rely on us to Produce and Distribute Your Franchise Agreements and FDD's as well. We can supervise franchise agreement execution and collect and manage all of the documents that make up a complete franchisee contract file.

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