Whether by forming a franchisee council, by enlisting franchisees as mentors, or by other means, it is a good practice to empower your franchisees.

  • Empowered franchisees are happy franchisees.
  • Franchisees whose opinions are solicited give creative and productive advice.
  • Franchisees who know they have a stake in the company’s success are its best ambassadors and salespeople.
  • Empowered franchisees are zealous in defending their franchise system.

Making a community of supportive dealers
Building a culture of empowered and supportive dealers requires a systematic approach. We help franchisors design programs that put power in the hands of franchisees but at the same time channel, direct and control that power. Franchisor and franchisee may not always agree, and conflicts can arise even when the parties are trying to work together. Franchisors need to carefully design and control the setting in which franchisees are given power. Read more about how the Franchise Law Source can help you create a Culture of Empowerment in your franchise system.

A Franchise Council is often the centerpiece in a franchisor’s empowerment program. We can help you design and use the Tools to Support a Franchisee Council Among. these tools, for example, are by-laws or a written set of rules that tell franchisees exactly what power they have to influence enterprise-wide decisions while keeping it clear that, ultimately, power is in the hands of the franchisor.

Enlisting Franchisee Participation – Driving System Change
Your franchise agreement contains terms strictly limiting the products franchisees may sell and the vendors from whom they may buy. You can empower your franchisees by Creating Programs to Encourage Franchisee Participation in product development, vendor qualification, marketing decisions and other important matters.

Franchisees are empowered when they recognize that their franchisor has a win-win mentality. We have experience in implementing Programs Linking Franchisee Profits With Franchisor Profits.

Many franchisors believe that they empower franchisees. However, without published programs and policies:

  • Franchisees don’t realize that the franchisor values their opinion, and
  • The line is blurred between franchisor control and franchisee contribution

Let us help you craft programs that empower franchisees while maintaining franchisor control.

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