Highly functioning franchise organizations are characterized by a consensus among company employees and franchisees alike, that problems and conflicts can be, and are, resolved systematically. Everyone won’t agree, though, that problems are easily resolved unless a program for dealing with conflict is put in place, publicized and consistently applied. Company executives and operations staff alike have to know about and believe in a set of tools that management supports, allowing for open discussion and quick resolution of issues.

If a company does not put dispute resolution mechanisms in writing and make everyone aware of them, there can be no dispute resolution culture. If the franchisor does not consistently employ these dispute resolution programs, its efforts appear as just more “lip service” in the eyes of unhappy franchisees. If, however, management carefully designs and openly implements “suggestion box” policies, mediation programs and the like, then all constituents will believe that the franchisor wants to avoid and resolve conflicts, and has the commitment to do so.

We help clients design and implement the tools that build a culture of dispute resolution.

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