Franchise companies have two important assets: intellectual property and the contract rights under their franchise agreements. Most franchisors do not have much in the way of tangible capital assets. Because of this, the administrative task of managing franchise agreement contract files is of critical importance. The franchisor’s future income stream is dependent upon these contracts.

Taking legal action to enforce a franchise agreement against a franchisee is, of course, a last resort. When enforcement is necessary, though, the franchise agreement, the franchisee’s personal guaranty and other ancillary documents, had better be in the file and properly executed. All too often, franchisors go looking through their documentation when the crisis of a franchisee termination hits only to find that something is missing from the file. Perhaps a document is not signed or is signed by the wrong entity. Perhaps there is no proof in the file of the proper disclosure before signing. Accurate Contract Management is a must.

Complete Contract Management Solution
Scott C. Kern, Attorney at Law, LLC offers clients a Complete Contract Management Solution. We will supervise the preparation and execution of your most valuable agreements and accurately maintain your franchise agreement files including franchise agreements, personal guaranties, assignment documents, franchisee corporate documents and lease assignments or site control documents executed by landlords.

Keep your files in order

  • Make enforcement easier.
  • Don’t miss renewals.
  • Reduce overhead.
  • Get rid of training worries.

Outsourcing Management of Your UFOC
We draft UFOCs for franchisors, but the hard work of complying with franchise sales laws only starts with a well-drawn disclosure document. Training salespeople and brokers how to use it and assuring that the UFOC is delivered in a timely fashion can be an administrative nightmare for franchisors. We offer clients a Turnkey UFOC Management Solution. We will draft or revise your UFOC, register it where necessary and then handle all aspects of production and distribution of the UFOC to your prospects. Let us take this complex compliance task off your hands.

Want a UFOC management system for your own people to administer? Call us.

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